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These elite centres know what it takes to make leading athletes and they choose InBody to easily and accurately assess their teams. It is a key piece of equipment used in the assessment of their athletes, their progress and development.

Head fitness coach for the Los Angeles Lakers Gary Vitti states,

“I can’t get the best out of them unless I have the best equipment, and in terms of trying to determine a player’s physiological make up, it doesn’t get any better than the InBody.”

To be able to achieve such efficient, accurate and elaborate assessments all from one device which is medically graded and easily portable makes InBody the leading choice. How are you currently assessing your team, your clients or even yourself? If you’re not assessing correctly, you’re simply guessing. Don’t be left behind, make sure your training programs are getting results and start using InBody.

“The InBody machine is a key piece of equipment for us”

Porsche Human Performance

InBody can come to you and asses your needs or these state of the art medical devices can be purchased so you can access this technology anytime you need. InBody technology has been proven in hundreds of validating studies and uses unique patented technology to ensure you receive the most accurate results.

InBody technology is backed by the science and supported by leading training centres worldwide, so do you want to be assessed by the best?

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