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Please see below studies proving the accuracy of InBody and our methods


  • InBody in research – Nutrition

Scientific Literature on the accuracy of InBody

  • Segmental Bioelectrical Impedance
  • 2012_Body composition measurements determined by ADP and 8-polar BIA are equivalent in African American college student
  • 2011_Accuracy of direct segmental multi-frequency bioimpedance analysis in the assessment of total body and segmental body composition in middle
  • 2011 – Assessment of body composition in PD patients using BIA and DEXA
  • 2011_Comparison of multifrequency bioelectrical impedance analysis and Dual_Energy X_ray Absorptiometry assessments in outpatient hemodialysis patients
  • 2010_Evaluation of Multi frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis in Assessing Body Composition of Wrestlers_InBody520
  • 2009_Cross calibration of multi frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis with eight point tactile electrodes and DEXA for assessment of body composition in healthy_720
  • 2009_Reference data of multi frequencies bioelectric impedance method in Japanese
  • 2008_Cross-validation of bioelectrical impedance analysis for the assessment of body composition in a representative sample of 6-to 13-year-old children_InBody3.0
  • 2005_Body water distribution in severe obesity and its assessment from eight-polar bioelectrical impedance analysis_InBody3.0_
  • 2004_Percentage of total body fat as estimated by three BIA
  • 2003_Cross-calibration of eight-polar bioelectrical impedance analysis versus dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry for the assessment of total and appendicular body_InBody3.0
  • 2002_Accuracy of an eight-point tactile-electrode impedance method in the assessment of total body water_InBody3.0

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